• Profile


    Born on March 5, 1999, in Osaka. I like strong alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, and not people who are aggressive. My hobbies are shogi, mahjong, board games, and bowling. My father was a front-end engineer, so I watched him and became a front-end engineer before I knew it. This image is the website of the company that my father founded (polka plans Inc.).
    I have experience with HTML, CSS, javascript(jQuery).

  • Making BoardGame

    I’m making doujin board games. We are a small circle with two members including me, and we started this circle in 2018 in our university’s shogi club. I learned that it is really difficult and fun to make things through the process of making and selling board games. We’re currently seeking crowdfunding for our second novel! I hope you will find it interesting.

  • Joining to SETAKEN
    Serious Busyness

    I’m always busy with something. I was going to push myself to make up for the lazy two and a half years of university life, but I pushed myself too hard. I’m dying …

    My Ignorance

    When I had a discussion with my seniors in SETAKEN, I realized how ignorant and uninformed I was by seeing the huge amount of prerequisite knowledge. It was so difficult to take the expertise in context. I’ll study it ASAP.

    The kindness of teachers and seniors

    Our teachers and seniors were very kind to the younger students, and we are very grateful to them. But they are ogres in the discussion. Please forgive me …

  • Dream
    • Taking over my father’s company

      I want to study more and take over my father’s company he started a few years ago.

    • Implimentation Systems

      In this day and age, we can’t survive with website orders alone! So I want to sell my own system and gain a competitive advantage!

    • Coding with PHP

      I’m still learning, but I’ve discovered the fun and importance of PHP and I want to use it more and more from now on!

  • Study

    In education, it is preferable for learners to learn independently rather than for the teacher to inject abstract, symbolic concepts into the learners. I want computers to help learners think actively and expand their knowledge. I’m now thinking about how to build an environment for this purpose and how to support it.